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Business / Product Development Lead

Business development responsibilities:

  • Conduct market research and analyze company's planned products and services to determine necessary adjustments for increased customer engagement.

  • Travel to different states to negotiate client contracts and obtain new business partners.

  • Gather and analyze data in support of business cases, proposed projects, and systems requirements.

Product development responsibilities:

  • Manage and co-ordinate product development projects.

  • Research and monitor industry developments and identify potential new product opportunities.

  • Conduct research on software and hardware products to justify recommendations and to support purchasing efforts.

  • Perform cost-benefit and return on investment analyses for proposed systems to aid management in making implementation decisions.

  • Evaluate and resolve technical feasibility, design optimization, and production issues.

If you think you'll be a right fit, please send your resume to vivek@wilonetworks.com

RF Circuits and Systems Design


  • Research, design and bring the next-generation wireless SoCs.

  • Working with the system/networks group to define the requirements for RF and baseband blocks based on the system requirements.

  • Architect new ICs and design the analog and digital circuits within the chip.

  • Run extensive simulations to verify correct operation before fabrications and validate the chip in lab.

  • Explore alternative design techniques to meet the chip specifications while minimizing device costs.

  • Layout design.

  • PCB design for test.

  • Write technical data-sheets and white papers.

If you think you'll be a right fit, please send your resume to vivek@wilonetworks.com